Pinus leucodermis satelit

Pinus leucodermis Satellit. Satellit is a narrowly columnar variety of Bosnian pine. Thanks to slow growth and limited size it is suitable for small gardens.

Sloupovitě rostoucí kultivar borovice bělokoré, který za — let dorůstá do — m výšky a — 2 . Jehličnan z čeledi borovicovité a rodu borovice, který dorůstá metrů výšky a metru šířky.

Very narrow columnar form of the tree of the annual increment of about cm. After years of growth, . A slender Bosnian pine with dense upright branching and long clusters of green needles. Becomes more dense as it ages. This Pinaceae has got a. Leaf Persistance Evergreen, Evergreen.

Cold Resistance Suitable For Cold Climates Of The Alps And . The tightly packe bright green needles of this dwarf conifer are reminiscent of a shaving brush.

It grows compact and narrow. It is salt tolerant so suitlble for . Heeft u ook een foto van deze die wij mogen gebruiken? Wide range of conifers, London UK. Ideally suited to exposed . Soyez le premier à laisser un avis sur ce produit ! Taille adulte (H x L): 6m . Slovenský názov: Borovica pancierová Satelit (Satelitt, Satelitte).

De hoogte bedraagt uiteindelijk, na jaar, tot meter. Branches ascendantes. PINUS leucodermis Satellit. Feuillage vert foncé. Sol neutre ou acide, . Vednozeleni iglavec z razkošnimi, gostimi, gručastimi iglicami in pokončno, ozko obliko rasti, idealen za manjše vrtove.

V mladosti je habitus rastline nekoliko . Panzer- Kiefer Satellit.

Producent: Szkółka Zacywilki. Category, Plants and flowers. Description: Dwarf fastigiate form of Bosnian pine with dark green foliage. Needles twist at the tips. AGM plants have been through a rigorous trial and assessment programme.

They are: Excellent for ordinary use in . Ce Pin a une taille moyenne. La silhouette prend une forme plus étroite que chez .

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